Friday, June 1, 2007

Telemarketer Game

Basic Point System:
For each minute spent on the phone 10 pts.
Getting transfered to someone who makes more than minimum wage 15 pts
For each minute spent on the phone with person making more than minimum wage 25 pts

Bonus Points:
Getting them to repeat part of the "script" 5 pts/each
Getting answers to stupid questions 15 pts/each
Changing the subject 50 pts/each
Making the sales person angry 175 pts
Making the sales person use profanity 750 pts
Get their boss on the phone, and tell them the salesman used profanity 1500 pts
Getting their 1-800- number 10 pts
Posting their 1-800- number to as a free "Phone Sex" line 50 pts
Checking the number a week later and it is busy or disconnected 5000 pts

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